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Economic and Financial Consulting / Marketing and Communications Consultancy

Economic and Financial Consulting:

  • World, regional, Argentinean and province macroeconomic situation analysis.
  • Analysis by productive sector and by firm. Market analysis.
  • Firm and project valuation.
  • Advice on collective bargaining negotiations.
  • Evaluation on investment and infrastructure projects.
  • Development and analysis of corporate and public budgets.
  • Asesoramiento en gestión económica y financiera, tanto para empresas como para el sector gubernamental. Management corporativo. Analysis of economic and financial situation of companies.
  • Advice on economic and financial management for companies and government. Corporate Management.
  • Audit, process improvement and quality management.
  • Advance on obtaining tax benefits and access to credit lines. Seeking funding.
  • Advising to the government sector in the design and implementation of public policies.
  • Risk Management.
  • Assistance and advice in antidumping investigations, subsidies and safeguards.
  • Presentations of working papers to all levels of the entity.

Marketing and Communications Consultancy:

  • Speaking seminars and improvement in personal communication.
  • Advice on image and brand communication.
  • Campaigns and spaces in mass media and alternative.
  • Electoral advice: content and communication for the election campaign, organizing and preparing for debates and public events.
  • Diffusion of achievements.


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