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We are an interdisciplinary

We are an interdisciplinary team providing integral consulting services oriented both to the private and public sector management. We specialize in financial and economic analysis as well as in the communication of achievements. Our clients receive objective advice in accordance to their specific needs, with a high degree of innovation in the design of successful political and commercial strategies.


We offer a rigorous but clear analysis of our globalized economy and its diverse composing sectors, with an agile lecture of the main phenomena affecting our clients’ decision making. We bring forward solutions to the public and private administration, in order to improve their intra-organizational processes, with a strong emphasis in creative and effective communication with the community about the milestones achieved.


Our team has varied experiences within the public and private sector, in multidisciplinary areas ranging from international trade and agroindustry to corporate management and financial services. Because of both our vocation and academic education, gender perspectives and a commitment to productive and social development are fundamental axis of our working approach. Moreover, we encourage ongoing academic training and the vocation for teaching: our professional team continues to upgrade its knowledge with further post-graduate specializations and to teach at National Universities.

Offered services

With a solidified interdisciplinary team, we at EPyCA provide integral consulting services both for the private and the public management, specializing ourselves in economic-financial analysis and the communication of actions. We offer our clients a direct line for advice and periodical situation reports that facilitates understanding the most relevant events of the political-economic present and how they affect the actions of each firm or institution. At EPyCA we know that communication is nowadays a tool that makes a substantial difference at organizations and it is therefore a fundamental axis in our work.

Martín Kalos

PhD candidate in Economics and University Professor. Specialized in current economic developments and sectorial analysis. Frequent contributor to various media programs.

Fiorella Robilotta

Master's degree in Political Economy. Specialized in corporate management and financial analysis and in anti-dumping investigations. University Professor.

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